Easy to apply and providing beautiful coverage for your nails.


12ml builder in a bottle.


UV/LED cure. For best results, use 2 coats.

Cure time: LED - 30 seconds. Uv - 120 seconds

Although I have tried to capture the true colour, varying monitors and lighting may differ.



Keep away from children, Do not ingest. Keep away from eyes. In case of contact with eye, rinse well with plenty of clean water. Avoid skin.


  • Component                 Content Percentage         CAS NO. 
    Acrylate oligomers    55%-70%                                25212-88-8 
    UV photoinitiator       1%-4%                                      3896-11-5 
    Acrylate monomer    30%-45 %                               57472-68-1 
    White carbon black   3%-5%                                     10279-57-9 
    Color paste                   0.1%-3%                                   None


    Hazard Categories: Do not belong to the dangerous goods. 
    Invasion rout : Will damage health after skin contact 
    Environments Impact :The material has a little mild should pay attention to the water pollution. 
    Explosive Danger : This product has no combustion hazard