The most glittery glitters!

Create stunning sparkly nails with these 'Disco' glitters.

Use as a sugar or encapsulate and much more.


PLEASE NOTE* Frostbite glitter is a clear product. It is absolutely perfect for sugaring.

Made here in the UK, this product is toxin-free.

Each pot contains 5g of glitter.

MSDS available on request.

Glitter Pots

  • Copolyester, Acrylates Copolymer.

    Colourants: (less than 0.25% of one or more)

    Solvent yellow98

    Hostasol Red 5B

    Solvent Red 52

    Solvent Red 135

    Green Pigment 7

    Solvent Blue 101

    Solvent Orange 63

    Solvent Violet 13