Create unique stand out designs with this amazing effective thread!
Design swirls, lines or full cover! *TOP TIP* using over different base colours will produce different effects! Use white for a stand out set or black for a more subtle effect when the light catches it!
-Base, colour coat and apply no wipe top gel (cured)
-apply a thin layer of K-nail-d foil gel cure for 60s (+/- depending on lamp)
- stick the thread to the nail in your chosen design 
-apply a layer of base coat and cure before final top coat for a slightly textured feel
- or encapsulate for a smooth finish! 
*TOP TIP* if doing full cover design, hold together a bunch of the threads and dab a small amount of top coat to the ends and hold under led lamp to cure. This will stop the threads becoming misplaced when applying to the nail and make them easier to handle!!

Magic thread