These innovative stencils make nail art quick and simple. Use to create captivating stencil designs, use the cut outs left behind as stickers.... or combine both in a set for a truly amazing effect!

*TOP TIP- stick down stencil and rub on K-nail-d chameleon chrome peel off and top coat for a stunning effect *



*Base, colour x2, NO WIPE top coat

*apply sticker over nail, ensure it is stuck down securely with no gaps ( this is a job for K-nail-d silicone tool!)

*paint a thin layer of gel polish colour over top of stencil (K-nail-d gel polishes are perfect for this design due to the pigment and amazing coverage!)

*carefully peel off sticker BEFORE CURING!

*cure and top coat!


*TOP TIP- put straight in to cure after peeling sticker off to avoid your gel polish spreading and ruining your design*

Sticker/Template set